Machine Embroidery Digitizing – A Brief Guide!

Not aware much about machine embroidery digitizing? Don’t worry as the following blog is going to tell you about all the important things with a brief meaning including the best practices and the steps included in the process.

Machine Embroidery Digitizing – What to Know?

It is a process in which you have to convert the artwork or text into a digital file that will be stitched with the help of an embroidery machine. The overall process also needs specific software, expertise, and equipment for the development of the design that will be of high quality and ideal for stitching.

Steps Involved In The Process

Now, let’s have a look at the steps included in the process of machine embroidery digitizing

1- Selection of the image or artwork.

2- Digitizing of the image or artwork is done which includes the adjustment of size and selection of suitable file format.

3- Importing the image of the artwork in digitizing software.

4- Digitizing process includes stitch lengths, types, and various other settings for developing a design. Proper dedication and experience are needed for this work.

5- Testing needs to be done once the design is digitized. This step is important to identify all the problems.

6- Once the design is tested and digitized, it will be stitched out by the embroidery machine after fixing all the issues identified in testing.

Tips For The Effective Machine Embroidery Digitizing

Now, let’s discuss the best practice or tips that you should keep in mind about the process:

Selection Of Software

In the market, you will find different embroidery digitizing software. Each software has its own benefits and disadvantages. Some of the widely used options are the Wilcom, Pulse, Hatch, and much more. Note that, you have to keep your specific needs and budget in mind along with support and training when selecting the software.

Make Design Simple

You have to pick a good-quality image to start the work. When developing a digitized design, you have to simplify the design which means a reduction of color and removing fine details that might not translate properly in embroidery. Designs that are simple and have bold shapes work better.

Testing Of Design

Before you do the stitching, it is essential to do the testing as well on a small piece of fabric. In this way, you can identify the problems and they can be fixed early before finalizing the design. With the help of testing, you can easily do the setting of the stitch along with the stitch density and length to ensure that you get a good quality final design.

Pick Right Type of Stitch

Selection of the right stitch type is also crucial for getting a quality design. You must know that there are various types of stitches like satin, fill, and applique stitches which are best for the different parts of the design. If you pick the wrong stitch type, it will result in poor quality and might damage the fabric.

Picking Right Needle & Thread

Picking up the right type of thread and needle is a must for getting the best results. You will come across different types of needles and thread that have their pros and cons. Different types are used for different purposes as per the requirement.

Proper Fabric Selection

Picking the right type of fabric is also important as it is one of the factors that affect the quality of the design. There are few fabrics that are difficult to be embroidered, so picking the fabric that is easy to work on is very important. Moreover, you should consider the texture and color when making the selection of stitch type and colors.

Practice Is Essential

The process needs proper practice and expertise to get the best quality work done. The digitizer has to spend a good amount of years to get the skills for developing the quality design. For practice, you should try working on the small piece of fabric and testing of design will assist you in refining your skills along with the improvement of design quality.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, now you will have a good knowledge of machine embroidery digitizing. It is a complex process that needs practice and expertise. The use of the right software, simple design, testing of design, and other essential points mentioned above. If you are willing to get professional service, you should connect with a competent company to get the best services at an affordable price tag through a team of professionals with a good turnaround time.

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